Frequently Asked Questions

What is a story?
A story can be anything, a video, an image, an article or just a short text. A fresh story is a popular story.
How can I post a story?
First you must be registered and logged into your account. To post a story, click the "Post a new story" button.
What are the rules for posting a story?
Please do not post anything offensive, illegal or pornographic.
How can I share a link?
Paste the link into the "Story url" field when posting a new story.
Why do some stories have images but mine does not? How do I upload an image for my story?
If you are sharing a link we will automatically determine whether it has an image and show that. It is not currently possible to manually upload an image.
When I am posting a story, I only have a limited choice of categories, how do I post in a different category?
You can post in any category by opening its page and clicking the "Post a new story" button there. If you are not in a category page, the "Post a new story" button will offer you a choice of categories from your subscriptions.
How do category subscriptions work?
When you subscribe to a category, it will appear at the top of the website for quick navigation. It will also get added to your category choices in the "Post a new story" button.
How do I create a category?
Open the "More categories" page and click the button "Create a new category".
How do I change the site language?
Click the language button at the bottom of the page.
My language is not listed!
We will try to translate the website in as many languages as we can. If you know someone who can help, contact us.
I have a question that is not listed here, can you help?
You can contact us if you have a specific question. Look for the contact button at the bottom of this page.