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Everyone has their own growth experience. Growing up, there are often many things that will make you unforgettable for life, when you encounter happy things, you will smile. When you encounter troubles, you will frown. Growth is like a seasoning box. It is just like this, growing up is full of happy troubles. My growing story often wanders in my mind and memorizes it in my heart. I remember that time, the school organized tongue twisters, and I also participated. In order to achieve good results in the game, I practice hard every night. Sometimes, even though my throat hurts, I still read it all the time. Is there any way? Only by reading carefully can you read the tongue twister well and then participate in the competition. Day after day, the day of the game finally came. At noon on the day of the game, we came to the broadcast room. First of all, the first-year classmates, they are not in a hurry and read fluently. After a while, it was my turn. I was more nervous. I stepped forward and put on the speaker. A tongue twister was pronounced out of my mouth. I read it well, and next is the sixth grade. It seemed that a heavy big stone had fallen in my heart. The game ended in a tense atmosphere. A few days later, the teacher announced the results of the competition and I won the third prize. I don't think my sweat has flowed in vain, and I got good results with sweat and hard work. Through this matter, I understand that as long as you work tirelessly, success must belong to you. Another time, my mother and I went to the field to pick up vegetables. I experienced hardships. Walking on a heavy back is a difficult task, and the muddy path is even more difficult to walk. I came to the field with my mother and my mother on the back, filled with vegetables, and I carried it away. Along the way, I walked hard and almost fell. But in the end, the difficulties were overcome. 62616964757a686964616fe4b893e5b19e31333337383333 arrived safely at home. I understand that as long as I am not afraid of difficulties and dare to struggle, I will be able to do a good job and succeed. Growth is like a train, it has been moving forward. Growing up, there are many things waiting for you to experience. When you pass by beautiful fields and green grasslands, you will be happy. Grasp the pulse of growth! Let yourself have a happy and healthy growth. Be a new school pupil
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