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Everyone has their own growth experience. Growing up, there are often many things that will make you unforgettable for life, when you encounter happy things, you will smile. When you encounter troubles, you will frown. Growth is like a seasoning box. It is just like this, growing up is full of happy troubles. My growing story often wanders in my mind and memorizes it in my heart. I remember that time, the school organized tongue twisters, and I also participated. In order to achieve good results in the game, I practice hard every night. Sometimes, even though my throat hurts, I still read it all the time. Is there any way? Only by reading carefully can you read the tongue twister well and then participate in the competition. Day after day, the day of the game finally came. At noon on the day of the game, we came to the broadcast room. First of all, the first-year classmates, they are not in a hurry and read fluently. After a while, it was my turn. I was more nervous. I stepped forward
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